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If you are looking for concrete in Mandurah, Taylor Made Concrete & Coating has a wide range of solutions. We are a family owned and operated business that has been around for over two decades. Over this time we have successfully completed thousands of contracts, making us one of the most experienced companies for Mandurah concrete services.

Brett Taylor will be there for all of the most important stages using all his 25 years of experience to make every job beautiful, practical, and soundly constructed. While others are still learning through trial and error, we continue to raise our own standards.

There are no sales people or separate teams. Just good old fashioned service from a family owned and run business. This keeps overheads down and means an overall better value for money.

Based in Mandurah, but willing to travel, Taylor Made Concrete & Coatings offer every decorative concrete finish available at a reasonable price including the very popular exposed aggregate for a classic and elegant look with the toughness and durability of the hardest concrete product available.

While the laying of concrete may seem easy or simple, this rarely the case.

Some factors to consider include drainage. Due to the fact that all concrete finishes are waterproof, a 1 in 10 chance of a fall is optimal. Drainage options are available to make sure your new concrete surface poses no harm to any of your family or friends. Compaction is always a priority for an extended lifetime of any product to ensure any chances of cracks or splits are avoidable.

Colour and style is widely discussed on every project we have completed. We have spent years experimenting with different finishes and colours. Combined with our level of experience, this allows us to give you the best end result.

Personalised Solutions

Brett Taylor himself is always willing to work together with his clients to find the best solution for those unsure about what the end result may be. As we have completed numerous jobs all around the Peel region and even outside, there is bound to be a completed project that you are able to preview.

Taylor Made Concrete & Coatings also have a display of some of the available options you can choose for your new decorative concrete addition located on Rouse Road in Mandurah.

We are committed to providing a high level of customer satisfaction. We never leave a job site until we are completely satisfied with the project. This commitment to our clients is also why we provide high quality jobs at a fair price.

We feel completely confident in tackling even the most challenging jobs. As a local company based in Mandurah, we can service a wide range of locations from Perth to Bunbury and all areas in between.

Our Services

We offer many different kinds of concrete work to suit your style and functional needs. Whether you need a driveway laid from scratch or just a touch-up on your patio, we have a solution for you. We offer the following services.

Exposed Aggregate: Exposed aggregate provides a textured long lasting finish and is a fantastic looking product that offers more durability than any decorative style available. The possibilities are endless with no end to the combinations you can create using different oxides and various size stones. Its beautiful finish, wide variety, and bullet proof strength make it a personal favourite.

The fact that is sturdy and durable makes it perfect for high traffic areas such as driveways, walkways, and pathways. It also provides unmatched traction when wet, which makes it ideal for pool surroundings and other areas where a slippery surface can be dangerous.

Polished: Polished is a modern smooth finish achievable in all the styles of exposed but without the roughness and make for a stunning statement great indoors or alfresco.

Liquid Limestone: Taylor Made Concrete & Coatings provides quality finished liquid limestone in Mandurah area as a preferred alternative to paving. This is a beautiful product that is made to resemble natural stone. Our customers also love that the texture of liquid limestone is similar to that of Roman blocks or random stones. With a wide selection of colours and styles, getting the look you want has never been easier.

Another benefit of using liquid limestone is that it stays cool, no matter how hot it is outside. If you have a pool or backyard patio, then everyone can comfortably walk around barefoot.

Stamped and Stencilled: Stamped and stencilled concrete offers a durable and competitively priced finish. With stamped and stencilled concrete, we use two colours to achieve a life like appearance to enhance any area including driveways, patios, and pool surroundings.

This versatile product is popular among our clients for its sheer beauty and visual appeal. You have many options with stamped concrete as it comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It can be used to resemble wood, stone, brick, slate, tile, and many other surfaces without the high cost of installation and maintenance.

It looks elegant and is incredibly durable, so it can last for many years. It has many applications from driveways and pool decks to patios and courtyards. The pattern and colour range is huge and there is a great set of brochures and jobs to see in your area.

Repave: For those of you who have existing concrete, you can add your own unique style without removing it with our repave range of patterns and colours. You can also add extra paths or driveways and because we trowel on base coat, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between old and new.

This attractive, durable finish is slip resistant sealed and guaranteed to adhere. We have projects that are 15 years old and still look like they were created yesterday. Repave is ideal for driveways, patios, and pool surroundings.

Outdoor Display of Decorative Concrete

Taylor Made Concrete & Coatings have an outdoor display available for you to come and visit at any time located at unit 3/20 Rouse Road Greenfields. Make your way down behind the lunch bar and you will see a small undercover area with a range of decorative concrete there for your viewing.

Visit at night time to see the all new glow stones in the exposed aggregate that we have just added to our wide range of products.

Contact us to learn more about our Mandurah concrete coating services for outdoor areas. No matter which one you go with, you can rest assured that it will look great in your outdoor areas and last for up to 20 years. We will create the perfect finish for your home or business.

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